Heart Healthy Pulses

29 Oct

lentil salad

Heart Healthy Pulses Not just the pulse from a healthy heart rate, but an amazing group of heart healthy foods called PULSES. Pulses are a term used for the edible seeds inside legumes.  They include dry beans, dry peas, lentils & chickpeas (not included in this group are soybeans and peanuts, as they contain higher […]

Sports drink basics

17 Jul


                It’s been one of the hottest and driest summers here in Ottawa, which reemphasizes the importance of adequate hydration. In a past article we discussed proper hydration for exercise, so in today’s post we’re going to progress from that and discuss the use of sports drinks during […]

How to get ready for the running season without overdoing it

30 May


Summer is here, the snow has has melted, the birds are singing and your running shoes are as excited as you are to get back on the road and get those miles on. Before you hit the ground running, you ought to take a step back and reexamine your current fitness. You don’t want to […]

Food Allergy or Intolerance?

15 Apr

Photo credit: Healthy Tips Alamo

  Individuals, all too often, mistaken food allergies for food intolerances and food intolerances for food allergies. Although they may share a few common symptoms, they differ significantly in terms of food avoidance, treatment and ultimately, end-result if not treated appropriately. What is a food allergy? Although many individuals claim to be “allergic” to certain […]

Fish Oil Supplements

14 Apr


I would venture to say that everyone has heard of the omega-3 fatty acids  and that they are part of a healthy diet. There are a plethora of health benefits, with scientific evidence to back them up, with more studies and research being conducted on new and different benefits. Some of the known benefits include […]

Feel The ABS Burn

7 Apr

Stability Ball Crunch

Everyone wants those hard to get abs;  having visible abs shows motivation, self discipline, and alot of hard work.  As discussed previously on eatwellstayfit to see those abs you have to decrease your body fat which means eating right all the time as well as having a solid workout routine that includes aerobics and strength training.  Developing strong abdominal muscles  is more important than […]

Nutrition myth: Honey, brown sugar and agave syrup are better for you than white sugar

1 Apr


THE TRUTH: Nutritionally speaking, they are all pretty much the same. While some people consider brown sugar, honey or agave syrup to be more natural, they are still sugars. All are concentrated sources of calories with very few other nutrients. Your body can’t tell the difference between them and white sugar. In fact, your body […]

Sea salt is natural so it’s better for you than table salt.

27 Mar


THE TRUTH: Sea salt, just like kosher and gourmet salt, has about the same amount of sodium as table salt. It is not a healthier choice. Too much sodium can be harmful to your health. The differences between sea salt and table salt are taste, texture and how they are made. Table salt is mined […]

Nutrition myth: Processed foods have no place in a healthy diet

15 Mar

images pasta
images pasta

THE TRUTH: Some processed foods, such as whole grain pasta, canned light tuna and plain frozen vegetables, are healthy choices. Others provide few nutrients and/or are high in calories, fat, sugar or sodium and should be limited. Some examples are deep fried foods, salty snacks and packaged baked goods such as donuts and croissants. Make […]

Nutrition myth: If a food is low in fat or fat-free, it must be healthy.

11 Mar


THE TRUTH: Just because a food is low in fat or fat-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In fact, a lot of foods that are low in fat are definitely not healthy choices, such as candy, pop, low-fat cookies and fat-free frozen treats. While these foods may have little fat, they can still be high in […]